Aviya Jefra

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Media, Culture, and Society in the Middle East as a course combines both lectures and practical training (in the form of building websites), to expose students to the political climate and goings on of the Arab region and to introduce students to the forms of media that decide/define the news of the region.

Obligatory Bio...

Aviya McGuire is a rising third year at the University of California, Berkeley, with an intended major of Interdiscipllinary Studies, combining Political Science, Religious Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Her interest and passion lies in foreign affairs and the world abroad, having been raised in the semi-unsatisfying boundaries of Suburbia. One of her primary interests is religion and its politically unifying and dividing role throughout history, permeating into present society.

Aviya is heavily involved in her college campus radio, KALX (90.7 FM), as both a news reporter and DJ (usually during the wee hours of the night).

While attending school, Aviya also works two jobs; one as a Main Stacks employee at Cal's Doe Library and the other as a waitress in Albany at the fantastic Mediterranean restaurant, Sophia Cafe.

This summer, 2010, she is enrolled in the Berkeley Summer Institute for the Global Generation: Media, Culture, and Society in the Middle East. Taught by Francesca Giovannini, the class takes a new approach to studying the conflicts in the Middle East through the eye of the media.

She hopes to one day be multi-lingual, travel the world and make a difference, to avoid cliches.

Fun fact: she has a birthmark on her right arm (see below) that is shaped like South America. She shamefully used it to cheat on a geography test at the age of twelve.

                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Gregory Colbert (Ashes and Snow)
                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Aviya McGuire
created: August 2, 2010
last updated: August 9, 2010